BaseElements 18 beta

There is a beta version of BaseElements out with support for FileMaker Pro 18.  Please also check the Release Notes for information about changes in this new release, and links to the individual feature documentation will be added over time.

This version of BaseElements is 64 bit only, as it relies on features in the 64bit only BE plugin version 4.0 and later.

BaseElements 17

The current version of BaseElements can be downloaded below.

Please also check the Release Notes for information about changes in each version, and which release is current.

Download Standard fmp12 Files

Download Platform Specific Single User Runtime Application

The runtime is built with FMPA 17, so has the same requirements as FMP 17.  For more details about which version of FileMaker Pro and the DDR are supported by each BaseElements version, please see the requirements page on the support site.

BaseElements 16

The last release of BaseElements 16 is version 16.0.10

Standard fmp12 Files

BaseElements 15

The last release of BaseElements 15 is version 15.0.6

Standard fmp12 Files

BaseElements 4

The last release of BaseElements 4 is version 4.6.4.

Standard fmp12 Files

BaseElements 3 for FileMaker Pro 11

You can still download BaseElements 3 Mac or Windows for FileMaker Pro 11 if you are not yet running FileMaker Pro 12.